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2H2K Lawyer: Science Fiction Design, Artificial Labor, and Ubiquitous Interactive Machine Learning

Intro “2H2K: LawyeR” is a multimedia project exploring the fate of legal work in a future of artificial labor and ubiquitous interactive machine learning. This project arose out of 2H2K, my ongoing collaboration with John Powers where we’re trying to … Continue reading

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GestuRe: An Interactive Machine Learning System for Recognizing Hand Gestures

(This post describes a project I completed for MAS.S62 Interactive Machine Learning at the MIT Media Lab. The assignment was to create a simple interactive machine learning system that gave the user visibility into the learning algorithm.) GestuRe is a … Continue reading

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Case and Molly: A Game Inspired by Neuromancer

Case and Molly First Playtest from Greg Borenstein on Vimeo. “Case and Molly” is a prototype for a game inspired by William Gibson’s Neuromancer. It’s about the coordination between the virtual and the physical, between “cyberspace” and “meat”. Neuromancer presents … Continue reading

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Introducing 2H2K: Previz for the Second Half of the 21st Century

I’m excited to announce a new collaborative project with my friend, John Powers, called “2H2K”. 2H2K brings together our shared interests in science fiction, urbanism, futurism, cinema, and visual effects into a multimedia art project that imagines what life could … Continue reading

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Announcing OpenCV for Processing

I’m proud to announce the release of OpenCV for Processing, a computer vision library for Processing based on OpenCV. You can download it here. The goal of the library is to make it incredibly easy to get started with computer … Continue reading

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iPads in Space: Star Trek’s Internet-Free Future

“A good science fiction story should be able to predict not the automobile but the traffic jam” – Fredrik Pohl I’ve been watching Star Trek: Deep Space Nine recently for the first time in 20 years. I have vague memories … Continue reading

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On Thingpunk

Today, @kellan and I coined a word for the opposite of the New Aesthetic: Thingpunk, the fetishizing of the stubbornly non-digital. — Greg Borenstein (@atduskgreg) July 24, 2012 The symbols of the divine initially show up at the trash stratum. … Continue reading

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Making Photomosaics in Processing

This past Friday, Tom Henderson tweeted me a question: @atduskgreg Can you think of any computational collage for newbies resources? FWIW I know a bit of ruby and a week of clojure. — Tom Henderson (@mathpunk) January 12, 2013 Upon … Continue reading

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Winning the New Aesthetic Death Match

Yesterday I participated in the Flux Factory New Aesthetic Death Match, a lively public debate that the art space hosted. My fellow debaters were Kyle McDonald, Molly Steenson, and Carla Gannis. Molly and Kyle I already knew well, but Carla … Continue reading

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AI Unbundled

Shaky (1966-1972), Stanford Research Institute’s mobile AI platform, and the Google Street View car. The project of Artificial Intelligence has undergone a radical unbundling. Many of its sub-disciplines such as computer vision, machine learning, and natural language processing have become … Continue reading

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