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50 Blog Posts I’d Like to See in 2008

A while back, noted social media commentator Chris Brogan published a list of 100 blog posts he’d like to see other people write. The list was meant as a spur in the backside of readers who suffer from Blogger’s Block, … Continue reading

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What Happens When Web-Scale Computing Becomes a Commodity?

With the announcement of Amazon’s much-anticipated SimpleDB service this week, we now officially live in a world where the kind of enormous systems run by Google, Yahoo, Ebay, et al — systems that power huge portions of the web (where … Continue reading

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Steve Albini and Avi Bryant: Separated at Birth?

Avi Bryant is the Steve Albini of web development. Or maybe it’s the other way around. Bryant is a Smalltalk programmer famous for creating Seaside, a web development framework that reverses a lot of the common assumptions shared by its … Continue reading

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Why Don’t Social Networks Provide RSS Feeds?

The total lack of RSS feeds on many of the most popular social networks seems shocking. More and more, across the net, RSS feeds have become the standard way to make important oft-updated information universally and easily accessible. In addition … Continue reading

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