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Techniques of the Observer

Last night at ITP’s Theory Club (a group that meets bi-weekly to discourse on abstract topics of interest), I gave a presentation on Jonathan Crary’s Techniques of the Observer. I called the talk Techniques of the Observer: Vision and Technology … Continue reading

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Announcing Drift

I’m proud to announce the launch of Drift, a text editor for iPad I’ve made with Devin Chalmers. Drift is a simple text editor that stores your documents as GitHub Gists so that they’re always backed up and easily shared. … Continue reading

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Today. Today I saw for the first time a video (embedding disabled) that demonstrates a new technique that uses Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging to detect the brain activity of a person and from that reproduce the visual image that person … Continue reading

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On Being Seen by the Machine

The light edged into view through my tightly shut eyelids. Waves of stippled white pulsed down towards a corona of laser pink before spilling into a liquid bokeh of soft hexagons. I tried to relax my eyelids against the involuntary … Continue reading

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Presenting at MakerFaire NYC This Weekend

MakerFaire NYC 2011 is this weekend. It’s a breathtakingly big event that’s equal parts science fair, renn fayre, and trade show from the near future. In a recent interview with Dale Dougherty Anil Dash spoke eloquently about the positive political … Continue reading

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