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Largehearted Goat? First Annual Report

v. Today marks the one year anniversary of Largehearted Goat?, my comprehensive study of Largehearted Boy‘s obsession with John Darnielle and The Mountain Goats. I originally announced Lagrehearted Goat last October, and, in the course of the year since data … Continue reading

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On the Expectation of Privacy in Social Web Applications

Alex Payne from Twitter has an interesting post up about the costs of privacy in social web applications. The thrust of his argument is that respecting the complex privacy requirements of the average non-geeky user increases the complexity of developing … Continue reading

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git_tools: the Beginnings of a Rake Library for Git

There’s been quite a lot of buzz lately amongst Rubyists (or at least amongst those I follow on Twitter) about the new version control system Git. As Linus Torvalds explained in a Google Tech Talk last May, licensing issues drove … Continue reading

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My Second Foray into Open Source Logo Design: Couch DB

Following on from my recent foray into logo design, I was interested to see Damien Katz’s recent call for a logo for his excellent open source project: Couch DB. Would it be an opportunity for a follow up? Somewhat hard … Continue reading

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The Poet Laureate of Web 2.0

Bruce Sterling is The Zombies of cyberpunk. If 80s cyberpunk authors were British Invasion bands then William Gibson and Neal Stephenson would be The Beatles and The Rolling Stones — big sellers with broadly acknowledged reputations as innovators and geniuses. … Continue reading

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