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Revealing the Workings: A Trend in Album Art

How many instances of something does it take to make a trend? This week, I bought my third record in recent history that includes, in its liner notes, something of a guide to its production. And I’m not just talking … Continue reading

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Why Rails?

While in a less than fully sober state after the Less Distracted Party last night, Chirs made a disturbingly sound suggestion: now that I’m posting Rails tutorials with some regularity, it might be a good idea to write something about … Continue reading

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learns_to use migrations

As I mentioned earlier, I was recently hired to do actual paid work as a Rails developer (as unbelievable as that may seem to those of you who’ve actually met me). I’m beginning to realize that, in addition to this … Continue reading

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IDFDZ in the WWeek

Here’s a weird sentence: IDFDZ was mentioned in a newspaper. The portland alt weekly, Willamette Week, where I was once an intern has joined The Oregonian as part of the swarm of media around the second season of Urban Honking’s … Continue reading

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learns_to use the ternary operator to make concise views

Rails’ templating system has lots of advantages. It’s simple, lightweight, and intuitive. And since it’s still just Ruby, you can refer to things exactly the same way as you would anywhere else in your application. The intuition you’ve built up … Continue reading

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