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EFF Compliance Bootcamp Notes

This past Wednesday, Chris and I were in San Francisco to attend the EFF’s Compliance Bootcamp. It was a great event that covered many of the aspects of federal law that might be relevant to contemporary web startups from privacy … Continue reading

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Rules of Engagement: 9/11 is Over

Our country tortures. It conducts raids on hospitals. It flies false flags. It makes “wanted dead or alive” pronouncements. It posts rewards. It attempts (and sometimes carries out) assassinations. International law and military law do not put endless restraints on … Continue reading

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What’s Wrong with Google Reader

A few weeks back, having ditched my dying beer-stained PowerBook for a shiny slightly-used MacBook Pro, I found myself trying out news readers for the first time in a long time. I’ve been a NetNewsWire 2.0 man for nearly ever, … Continue reading

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