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Why the Arduino Matters

In January 1975, Popular Electronics ran a cover story about a new computer for hobbyists. The Altair 8800 came as a kit and cost $439 (the equivalent of $1,778.58 in today’s dollars). It came with no on-board memory. You programmed … Continue reading

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A Tour of the Arduino Internals: How does Hello World actually work?

Everyone who’s ever played with an Arduino has seen the following sketch: void setup(){ pinMode(13, OUTPUT); } void loop(){ digitalWrite(13, HIGH); delay(500); digitalWrite(13, LOW); delay(500); } It’s the classic physical computing ‘hello world’: blink the onboard LED on and off … Continue reading

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Early 8-bit Sounds from _why’s Bloopsaphone

For awhile now, I’ve been very excited about _why’s Bloopsaphone. Written as part of the coming Real Soon Now, new Hackety Hack, Bloopsaphone is a Ruby library for making 8-bit music and sound effects. _why intends it to be used … Continue reading

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GoGaRuCo and RailsConf Wrap-up

In the last few weeks, I’ve spoken at two different conferences in two very different cities. The first, GoGaRuCo, was an intimate, one-track affair down in beautiful San Francisco. The second, RailsConf, was a giant behemoth in hideously surreal Vegas. … Continue reading

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