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Time to Organize Recording Artists: Why an Enforcement-based Strategy is a Mistake for the Music Industry

Celia Hirschman from KCRW’s On the Beat In the most recent On the Beat, Celia Hirschman advocates for the Musician’s Union to take a more active stand for musicians’ rights online. In a world where only 42% of internet users … Continue reading

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RAD 0.2.2 Released: Arduino 0011 Support

On sunday night, I released version 0.2.2 of the Ruby Arduino Development gem. The main focus of this update is compatibility with version 0011 of the Arduino software tools (follow that link for the release notes). While 0010 may still … Continue reading

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On Politics: How Proprietary vs. Open Source is like Obama vs. Clinton and why we need to get over it and get on with the work

“The enemy isn’t Microsoft. The enemy is non-use” — Matt Asay, The Ten Commandments of Open Source For the past month, watching Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama — two relatively noble politicians who largely want the same good things for … Continue reading

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RAD 0.2.1 Announcement and Dorkbotpdx 0x01 demo

It’s been an active few weeks in the world of RAD! First off, RAD 0.2.1 was released last week which includes a bunch of small features and bug-fixes: added first significant documentation fixed require ‘yaml’ bug in makefile.rb added examples … Continue reading

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Guide to Getting Started with Merb and ActiveRecord

Spent a while today getting up and running with Merb, the minimalist modular alternative Ruby framework from Ezra and the good people at Engine Yard. Merb has been in a bit of chaos these recent months as it’s gone through … Continue reading

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