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And Again With the Censorship!

Despite, recent hopes to the contrary, it looks like my Anti-Ketchup Shirt is down again. I think I’m going to have to call them. I’ll keep you updated on any new developements. . . Tagged: cafepress, censorship

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Hype Machine Download Script

Update: Soon after writing this post, I received a very nice email from Hype Machine’s Anthony Volodkin asking me to take down access to the script I described here. He explained that since the streamed mp3s can’t be fed through … Continue reading

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Cafe Press Censorship: Solved!

I think I finally beat Cafe Press’s censorship algorithm. It turns out, I’d named the actual design file “ketchup.jpg”. I uploaded it again, exactly the same, but under the new moniker: “lunch.jpg”. Bang. Boom. Shirt’s up. You can buy it. … Continue reading

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Oregon E-Business and the Broadcast Flag

I don’t usually write about politics here, but today’s news of the return of the Broadcast Flag struck close enough to home that I felt compelled to talk about it and maybe call some of you to action. If you … Continue reading

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Cafe Press’s Automated Censorship

So, I really don’t like ketchup (I like it even less if you spell it “catsup”). I’m always shocked to see people happily pouring it over their meals, eating drenched soggy sugary red mush. Blech! Anyway, to celebrate my spite, … Continue reading

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Roundup: The Music For Dozens Blog

While the long gaps between posts here may make it seem that I’m only an occasional blogger, a ‘Sunday poster’ as it were, they also hide all of the blogging I do elsewhere around the web. All in all, I … Continue reading

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