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Using the Kinect to Assess Involuntary Motion at Health 2.0

This past weekend I participated in a Health 2.0 developer challenge in Boston. The event was a one day hack-a-thon hosted by Health 2.0 and O’Reilly at a Microsoft building in Cambridge. I was invited to give a brief presentation … Continue reading

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On the Launch of the Computer History Museum

This past January, I was lucky enough to travel to San Francisco to conduct a round of research related to my thesis. The core of the trip was a meeting with Christina Engelbart, Doug Engelbart’s daughter and the co-founder and … Continue reading

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Skeleton Tracking with Kinect and Processing

Ever since PrimeSense open sourced the Kinect middleware, it’s been clear that body tracking interfaces were going to rapidly come within reach of hobbyists and artists. PrimeSense demo video of skeleton tracking with the Kinect and their OpenNI middleware The … Continue reading

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Night Flight: a miniature light sculpture cityscape using fiber optics

Flying over a dense city at night is a singly modern experience. The confusions and dislocations of street level life flatten into schematic clarity; the electric glow gives the terrain the sci-fi feeling of electronic circuitry; the unlit natural areas, … Continue reading

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Treatment and design for a Nullsleep video using the Kinect

Last fall when the Kinect first launched Jeremiah Johnson and I immediately started talking about how much sense it made to use it to make a video for him. Jeremiah records and performs as Nullsleep. His music is typically characterized … Continue reading

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Sound Scan: 3D scanner using falling BBs and sound

How can you make a 3d scan using sound? That’s the question that Eric Mika, Jeff Howard, Zeven Rodriguez, Molmol, and I set out to answer this week. Challenged by our 3D Scanning and Visualization class to invent our own … Continue reading

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Kinect Technical Drawings

For the first assignment for my Designing for Digital Fabrication class this semester, I just performed a series of precise measurements of the Kinect and used them to compose three drawings in Vectorworks. The purpose of the exercise was to … Continue reading

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Looking Up At The MJT

Last month, I participated in two sessions at the 2011 Modern Languages Association conference in Los Angeles. I was recruited by acquaintances associated with the MLA because of my relationship with David Wilson at the Museum of Jurassic Technology. Given … Continue reading

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