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Web 2.0 or Captcha?

Call them fads, trends, or memes, there’s a type of idea that resembles kudzu. It may have evolved to conquer the requirements of a particular intellectual landscape, but eventually it becomes so wildly well-adapted that it spread way wide of … Continue reading

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Getting ComputerKrafty: Arduino, Ruby, and Blurry Video of Some Blinking LEDs

(Arduino Serial Ruby on YouTube) For the last month or so, Brett and Marcus from Tables Turned and I have been meeting weekly to teach ourselves Physical Computing, the use of micro-controllers like those found in cell phones and Roombas … Continue reading

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Why “I’m A PC” Works

With rumors flying around about the replacement of Justin Long, the actor playing The Mac in Apple’s current I’m A Mac ad campaign, there’s been some debate as to the campaign’s effectiveness.Actually, “debate” is probably too mild a descriptor. ‘Vitriolic … Continue reading

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