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Teaching Makematics at ITP

I’m proud to announce that I’ll be teaching a class a NYU ITP next semester. The class grew out of my work on Makematics; it’s called “Makematics: Turning Computer Science Research into Creative Tools”. Here’s the full description from the … Continue reading

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Paperless Post Tech Talk

A couple of weeks ago I delivered the inaugural tech talk at Paperless Post. I was invited by Paperless Post CTO Aaron Quint who’s been a friend for a long while. Aaron asked me to talk about my work with … Continue reading

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Object-Oriented Sci-Fi: Harman’s Four Methods

The following is an excerpt from a talk by Graham Harman at the “Hello Everything” symposium. In it, Harman describes four methods for reversing common errors in failing to see objects. These methods are: counter-factuals, the hyperbolic method, simulation, and … Continue reading

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AI Unbundled

Shaky (1966-1972), Stanford Research Institute’s mobile AI platform, and the Google Street View car. The project of Artificial Intelligence has undergone a radical unbundling. Many of its sub-disciplines such as computer vision, machine learning, and natural language processing have become … Continue reading

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A Menagerie of CV Markers

This week, the net’s been exploding with responses to James Bridle’s work on the New Aesthetic. Bruce Sterling set the fuse for this particular conflagration with his Essay on the New Aesthetic in Wired. My own response, published in The … Continue reading

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