I’m a artist, creative technologist, and teacher based in New York. I’m currently teaching Makematics at the Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU. Some of my recent clients include Berg London, Makerbot, and Social Bomb. I’m also the author of Making Things See: 3D vision with Kinect, Processing, Arduino, and MakerBot now available from O’Reilly. I’m interested in the use of special effects as an artistic medium. I’m fascinated by how special effects techniques cross the boundary between images and the physical objects that make them: miniatures, motion capture, 3D animation, animatronics, computer vision, and digital fabrication.

For my full CV and portfolio, please visit gregborenstein.com

Here are some of the most interesting posts on this blog:

I also have an ongoing academic research project in the history of computing with Jeremiah Axelrod under the banner Computer Science Fictions. The most public expression of that project so far was a talk we gave at the 2009 Pacific Ancient and Modern Languages Association Conference, Free As In Beer: Cybernetic Science Fictions.

In the past I’ve worked extensively as a Ruby on Rails programmer, played in Portland, Oregon indie rock band At Dusk, and founded a local all-ages annual music festival and non-profit, PDX Pop Now.

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  1. eduzal says:

    hello greg

    i’m eduardo and i’m studying your book “making things see..”.
    is there any place, forum, board, etc… where I and others can post doubts, comments and anything else?

    thank you.

  2. Greg, do you test the KINECT FOR PC ? I really don´t understand the diference between both KINECT. I am a programer and I am starting with KINECT in a research project in Brasil. Do you intent to translate your book for Portuguese ?
    I think here is a good market .
    Thanks Karoline

  3. Molly McHugh says:

    My name is Molly McHugh and I’m a writer/editor with Digital Trends. I’m writing a story about the popularity of animated GIFs, and was hoping I could talk to you about your Physical GIF Kickstarter project.
    If time is an issue, I’m more than happy to pass questions along via email, whatever is most convenient for you.
    Thanks, hope to hear back soon!

  4. Emily L says:

    Hello! I was fascinated by your entry on the fiber optic cityscape. I am apart of a major public university in Florida and am looking for guidance and expertise in the construction of a wall-mounted sculpture made of fiber optic cables. We are only in the research phase but as a class project, it will be completed within a few months. Any advice you can offer would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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