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Compelling vs Compulsive Games: Threes, Super Hexagon, and The Replay Urge

Note: As part of an independent study this semester at the MIT Media Lab on game design, I’ve begun blogging about games I’ll ocassionally cross-post more developed pieces like this one, but feel free to follow that Tumblr if … Continue reading

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Graham Harman has always denied any deep connection between his Object-Oriented Philosophy and Object-Oriented Programming, from which he borrowed the name. Initially, fellow OOO-er Ian Bogost even resisted the use of “object-oriented” as confusing due to the failure of the … Continue reading

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In-Screen Graphics as Religious Experience: On the Purpose of Invoviz

In a recent Domus piece on In-Screen Sports Graphics, Max Gadney reports on a talk given by Ryan Ismert at Strata. Ismert works at Sportsvision, which makes the graphics that appear in most US TV sports telecasts. In the piece, … Continue reading

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Designing for and Against the Manufactured Normalcy Field

This post tells the story of the session at FOO camp this year that I co-ran with Matt Webb on the Manufactured Normalcy Field. It explains the background of the idea, describes the structure of the brainstorming session, outlines its … Continue reading

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Object-Oriented Sci-Fi: Harman’s Four Methods

The following is an excerpt from a talk by Graham Harman at the “Hello Everything” symposium. In it, Harman describes four methods for reversing common errors in failing to see objects. These methods are: counter-factuals, the hyperbolic method, simulation, and … Continue reading

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A Menagerie of CV Markers

This week, the net’s been exploding with responses to James Bridle’s work on the New Aesthetic. Bruce Sterling set the fuse for this particular conflagration with his Essay on the New Aesthetic in Wired. My own response, published in The … Continue reading

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26 Books in 2011

Last year, I read 43 books, a relatively high annual total for me. This was largely due to spending so much time that year working on a stop-motion animated music video which lead to a huge amount of audio book … Continue reading

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A Personal Fabrication Nightmare

Just received the following story from my friend Devin Chalmers. I asked for his permission to publish it because I think it is telling and disturbingly likely to come true. I had a personal fabrication nightmare last night. I’d just … Continue reading

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Announcing, a directory of OpenFrameworks extensions

At Art && Code 3D a few weeks back I met James George. We immediately found we had a lot in common, kicking off a wide-ranging conversation about everything from miniature worlds to Portland food carts to ways of making … Continue reading

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Techniques of the Observer

Last night at ITP’s Theory Club (a group that meets bi-weekly to discourse on abstract topics of interest), I gave a presentation on Jonathan Crary’s Techniques of the Observer. I called the talk Techniques of the Observer: Vision and Technology … Continue reading

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