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Metal Race Game: Motion and Motors

A recent Friday talk by Frank Lantz from the NYU Game Center about the rise of mobile and casual gaming made me suddenly unearth a memory of middle school I’d almost completely lost: the culture of writing and playing games … Continue reading

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Pinch Control 2: Laser Drawing by Touch

It was through the service of that same earth that modeling portraits from clay was first invented by Butades, a potter of Sicyon, at Corinth. He did this owing to his daughter, who was in love with a young man; … Continue reading

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OurTube: Socially-controlled mobile urban cameras

Imagine a camera, loose in the city, mobile, controlled by the people and connected to the web. It’s in a battle-hardened case, protected from the elements and the various urban predators. It’s heavy, solid metal. But also somehow cutely human-scale: … Continue reading

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Pinch Control: Gesture-based Personal Music Device with Arduino

In introducing the second Physical Computing lab, Dan O’Sullivan demonstrated a variety of analog inputs: stretch sensors, photoresistors, flex sensors, force sensitive resistors, knobs of all kinds. An hour later, I found myself standing in front of the ITP shelf … Continue reading

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On Contour Drawing

Place the point of your pencil on the paper. Imagine that your pencil point is touching the model instead of the paper. Without taking your eyes off the model, wait until you are convinced that the pencil is touching that … Continue reading

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Crash Photography with Arduino and MatchBox Cars

Note: this is my first post documenting a project completed as part of my work at NYU ITP. Throughout my time in the program, I will use this blog to write-up my work for class as well as other observations … Continue reading

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