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The Conversations Network

IT Conversations is kind of like NPR for the web. They provide original interviews as well as audio recordings of conference presentations and panels on a diverse range of subjects of interest to technology enthusiasts. I’ve been a fan of … Continue reading

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James Elkins’ Idea Mapping Method

Note: This post, while long and somewhat rambling, was once longer and even more rambling. I excised a sizable intro, which, I hope, helps with readability. Unfortunately, the intro also added some useful context and was, if I do say … Continue reading

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Introducing the Institute for Figuring

During college, I worked for a summer at the Museum of Jurassic Technology, an eccentric, and poignantly beautiful, victorian-style domestic museum housed in a storefront on Venice in Culver City, California. Over the years since, I’ve kept in touch with … Continue reading

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Hendriks’ Computer-Aided Contour Drawing

Although it may be hard to tell from the above picture, contemporary artist Jochem Hendricks practices a drawing technique originally advanced by New York Art Students’ League instructor Kimon Nicolaides in the 1920s. Near the beginning of his posthumously-published philosophy-summarizing … Continue reading

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Superman Jesus Quoted on MSNBC

Sometimes it’s surprising which posts catch on with you people. Great ideas go unremarked upon while tiny throwaway observations sit there collecting comments and stirring controversy. One example of this trend that I’ve never understood was a post I wrote … Continue reading

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