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Songbird Media Player Integration for Web Pages, a Compendium

What is Songbird? Songbird is an iTunes-style music player that contains an integrated web browser. Songbird detects rich media on pages you visit and integrates them into itself in a number of ways: making them navigable through a “web playlist” … Continue reading

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Getting Started with Merb vol.2: Intro to Routing and Controllers

An intro to routing and controllers. I wrote recently about getting started with Merb. Yesterday, after having refer to my own post to remember how it all worked, I started on a new Merb app as part of the Great … Continue reading

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RailsConf 2008 Lightning Talk Summaries

photo by James Duncan Davidson A few months back Chad Fowler asked me to coordinate the lightning talks for this year’s RailsConf. It turned out to be a rolicking good time! We had 36 speakers in three sessions over three … Continue reading

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