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learns_to build Academic Archive::Part 2:Setting up a New Rails App and a First Iteration on the Paper Model, Featuring our First Tests

Welcome to Part 2 of learns_to build Academic Archive, where I try to blog every last detail involved in building a Ruby on Rails application for publishing and peer-editing academic papers. As requested by Benjamin in the comments on Part … Continue reading

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learns_to build Academic Archive::Part 1:Introduction, Concept, and Design

At this year’s FOSCON, Amy Hoy issued a clarion call to the elite Ruby hackers in the room: help the newbies! With the spectacular recent growth of Ruby and, especially, Rails there’s a great and growing need for educational resources … Continue reading

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When Founders Die

What will happen when the visionary founders of today’s most important technology companies die or retire? While the question may seem especially timely with all of the hullabaloo around Bill Gates’ recent retirement announcement, what I’m really interested in are … Continue reading

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Blogging the Sh*t Out of PDX Pop Now! 2006

One of the many things that keeps me from writing more around here is the work I do on PDX Pop Now!, a free all-ages three day Portland music festival I helped found with a group of other Portland musicians … Continue reading

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