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Two Kinect talks: Open Source Bridge and ITP Camp

In the last couple of weeks, I’ve given a couple of public presentations about the Kinect. This post will be a collection of relevant links, media, and follow up to those talks. The first talk, last week, was in Portland, … Continue reading

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Into The Matrix: Proposal for a Platform Studies Approach to OpenGL

In the last few years, new media professors Ian Bogost (Georgia Tech) and Nick Montfort (MIT) have set out to advance a new approach to the study of computing. Bogost and Montfort call this approach Platform Studies: “Platform Studies investigates … Continue reading

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All Watched Over: On FOO, Cybernetics, and Big Data

Last weekend I had the privilege to attend FOO Camp. FOO is a loosely structured conference organized by O’Reilly, my publisher. At FOO, O’Reilly brings together a couple hundred people they think have an interesting perspective on contemporary goings on … Continue reading

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On the Future and Poetry of the Calibration Pose

Interesting stuff here from Tom Armitage on a subject that’s been much on my mind lately: Waving at the Machines. How does a robot-readable world change human behaviour? […] How long before, rather than waving, or shaking hands, we greet … Continue reading

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