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Augment Caricatures

I mentioned last time that I’m starting to approach my thesis as if it was a Hollywood blockbuster. Right now I’m in the pre-production phase which means: story work, character work, casting, design of the sets and props, special effects … Continue reading

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Augment: The Rise and Fall of Doug Engelbart, an Outline

In my last post, I made a case for myth making as an important role for art which has once again become possible after a long absence during the modernist period. “Could art actually be important to how a group … Continue reading

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Who is art for?

Note: this is the first in a series of posts exploring ideas for my ITP thesis. These posts will range in style and subject matter from general background philosophizing to concrete documentation of my own peculiar process. Who is art … Continue reading

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3D Space and Alignment in After Effects

I mentioned earlier that I’ve been working on matching camera movements from After Effects in the physical world. Since that earlier post, my experiments ran into a bit of trouble: I found that it was extraordinarily difficult to get a … Continue reading

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