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Announcing RAD 0.2: Software Serial Support, Inline Assembler, and More!

I’m proud to announce a new release of the Ruby Arduino Development gem (RAD)! This release brings two major new features (software serial serial support and inline assembler), a major revamping of the hardware serial library, and a raft of … Continue reading

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Automating Firefox for Web Application Integration

This post explains how to control Firefox from the command line with Telnet and Ruby. After presenting some context to explain why I think this hack represents an important area of concern in contemporary web application development, I’ll show how … Continue reading

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Developing Single Serving Sites using Ruby CGI scripts on Dreamhost

There’s been a lot of hullabaloo lately about Single Serving Sites. Stimulated by the inexplicable runaway success of Barack Obama is Your New Bicylce, these simple sites that provide a small dollop of amusement ( or utility ( have become … Continue reading

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