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Yet Another Cheese Sandwich Blog

Maybe the thing I hear most about my blog from friends is that they can’t understand it. “It’s too technical!”, “Why do you always write about computer programming?”, “Why don’t you ever talk about your daily life?”. Most of them … Continue reading

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How To Do More Than One Thing At Once: On “Lifehacking”

With Clive Thompson‘s article in this weekend’s NYT Magazine on “Life Hackers”, a recent growing trend has reached a fever pitch: a kind of nerd revolution against nerd-made tools. As the article outlines, “Multi-tasking” became the expected mode of office … Continue reading

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Business Proposal: Free Musak

I had a good idea for a business tonight. It’s actually close enough to what my real business does that I’m almost afraid to mention it in public. Almost, but not quite. What’s the idea? Building and selling a music … Continue reading

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Pocket Review: “Broken Social Scene” by Broken Social Scene

In the movie Wonder Boys, Michael Douglas plays a writer and English professor nursing the gigantically long and long un-finished follow-up to his much admired masterpiece, “The Arsonist’s Daughter”. Everyone is always trying to get their hands on the towering … Continue reading

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The New Music For Dozens Blog

An announcement: In keeping with the current fashion amongst hip Web 2.0 companies, we’ve started a Music For Dozens blog. We’ll be keeping track of all the new features we add to the site and pointing out some of the … Continue reading

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