Monthly Archives: February 2006

Quite the Weekend

I don’t normally talk about personal things on this blog, but it’s been a landmark couple of days around here, so I thought I’d set them down. On Friday, I gave my notice at Pix, where I’ve worked for more … Continue reading

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learns_to use acts_as_versioned

Lately, I’ve been learning Ruby on Rails. In layman’s terms, Ruby on Rails is a system for making dynamic websites like Flickr, Friendster, and yes, Music For Dozens. To drastically oversimplify, some of the smart people have gone ahead and … Continue reading

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Secret Structured Google Music Search

I do a lot of Google-searching for lyrics. I mean, a lot. I spend part of my day hand-screening suspicious looking new MFDZ uploads for piracy (for example, I don’t think that cutegirl457 really made the song “50 Cent – … Continue reading

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A Note from the Content Usage Department

Another episode in the ongoing saga of CafePress’s censorship of my Anti-Ketchup Shirt (previously discussed here and here): Today I called them up and after a rather long wait, I was finally transfered to their “Content Usage Department”. The guy … Continue reading

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