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Stationary bike speedometer with Arduino and reed switch

The first step in actually building my Bike Mountain Project was to acquire a stationary bike and figure out how to build a speedometer into it. Conveniently, there’s an ancient exercise bike that sits in the ITP pcomp lab — … Continue reading

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Drawing Machines Project Proposal: Face Fight

What happens if you make a machine that requires more than one draughtsman to make a drawing? Do you end up with conflict or collaboration? To what extent does each draughtsman retain his own aesthetic identity and agency? Collaborative drawing … Continue reading

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The Multixylophoniomnibus

For our media controller project, Hana, Ania, and I decided to build a musical instrument that would control a series of unexpected sounds. We’d take a conventional instrument and augment its normal sound-creation mechanism so that it accompanied itself when … Continue reading

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Remote Bike Mountain Project Proposal

Last year, a friend came to me to ask advice about plugging his exercise bike into his computer. He wanted to write a computer game that would be controlled by the rate of speed at which he biked. I pointed … Continue reading

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Design for UNICEF: Mancala Phone Game

In Clay Shirky‘s Design for UNICEF class this semester, we’ve been trying to come up with ways of using the rapidly growing number of cell phones in sub-saharan Africa as a platform for projects that would improve the health, education, … Continue reading

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