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From February 27, 2006 | Permalink

Challenge.jpgHere is the first challenge! The thirteen contestants have been selected and they will battle it out giving us their Perfect Pitch. The challenge is to sell us on the unique and engaging idea that the contestants have. We want to be convinced with a sincere and real idea! Entries are due by 12:00 noon Wednesday, March 1st (PDT). All the details of the challenge and more are included in the video above. Check it out!

We encourage everyone to complete the challenge on their own blogs, and post a link to the entry in the comments. We would love to see the results.

And finally, the 13 bloggers will be posting their challenge results in The Den, as well as some some brief introductions and conversations. The Den is where the social elements of the Reality Blog will come more into play.

Click here to view the challenge


there goes the neighborhood

1 Steve Schroeder 3:49 AM on 02/27/06

whoa! seeing myself on film, i am totally reminded of how bald i'm getting!

2 james 4:03 AM on 02/27/06

Whoa! Seeing myself on film, I am totally reminded how good looking I'm getting!

3 Mikey 4:13 AM on 02/27/06

Whoa! Seeing myself on film, I am totally reminded how invisible I am!

4 waferbaby 4:22 AM on 02/27/06


5 Cory Weaver 5:32 AM on 02/27/06

i think i'm still a little unclear on how this is working. the link to entries for the first challenge...that's the introductions- are those also the pitches?

6 kevin 9:09 AM on 02/27/06

kevin, the link in question just goes straight to the den, which at present only has introduction entries. i bet when people start posting their perfect pitches, and when there is a category for it, the link will go to den entries with the challenge one category. but for now, it's just the den.

7 george 10:00 AM on 02/27/06

You're not the only one confused - we're supposed to make a pitch and then post it on our own blog, and then post a LINK on the Den...to our blog?

8 Thom 10:51 AM on 02/27/06

i think it all happens in the den, right?

9 george 10:54 AM on 02/27/06

Aaaaaaahhhhh. This is what happens when you just read the description and don't watch the video.

Oh god.

I am so dead.

10 Thom 11:10 AM on 02/27/06

Wow. Steve is really handsome in flashbacks.

11 willow 11:44 AM on 02/27/06

Brief credits for episode 1:
created by Jona, Mike, Steve, James
special appearances by:
Willow McCormick as Steve Schroeder
Rebecca Carlisle-Healy as Jona Bechtolt
James Voges as K. Michael Merrill
J. John Afryl provided some voiceover work and other assistance and Cabel Sasser provided the Challenge Bros. theme-song.

12 Steve Schroeder 12:18 PM on 02/27/06

So.. only 20-something white people applied?

13 Dave 12:48 PM on 02/27/06

According to my understanding, official contestants don't need to post their entries in their own blogs. You just post straight to the den. It's the lay people -- the spectators of the spectacle -- that are encouraged to answer the challenge in their own blogs then post a link in the comments. Kind of like auditing a class or something. Viewers are encouraged to do the assignment, but not for credit.

14 Azure 12:49 PM on 02/27/06

Federalism...or Ultimate Blogger...Federalism...or Ultimate Blogger.

Ultimate Blogger!!!!

15 Thom 12:55 PM on 02/27/06


Azure is correct.
Contestants are to post challenge entries in the den.

16 Steve Schroeder 1:12 PM on 02/27/06

of course, that doesn't mean you can't post it over in your blog as well. totally encouraged to do both if your so inclined.

17 james 2:33 PM on 02/27/06

refer to the first UB den if you'd like a sort of example of how it will look....


18 james 2:34 PM on 02/27/06

fyi, looking at the comments on a pc makes the left edge chunk out and disappear.
I know we are all dedicated mac users, but lots of people use pcs at work.
goshderned explorer!
all that being said, I am happy to witness the return of ultimate blogger.

19 dr. hason 2:43 PM on 02/27/06

That song is Wonderful. No joke.

20 Tim 6:03 PM on 02/27/06

Sorry guys! My fault! Now you can view all of the challenge entries here:


The link in the sidebar is now working, too.

I'm in Providence! It's cold!

21 Jona 9:02 PM on 02/27/06

Dave — only 20-something white people applied. Except for those two 15-year-olds. And the Chinese guy. And the 12-year-old kid who didn't make it into the top 14.

22 Brittanie 10:41 PM on 02/27/06

i have already begun to form some strong opinions about some of the contestants:

waferbaby = smart ass, will cause some trouble. i think i already eluded him to joel betcholt from UB05

brittanie = will be all over the comments, all the time - she is housewife with no kids, come on! this will basically be her soap opera. she is also lame hipster style. irony is 1930s! Duchamp, duh!!!

Tim and Morgan = untainted by the real world, their naivette is nothing but an asset.

Zoe = solid content, she is a CONTENDA'!

Thom = the funny guy. harmless. seems like he will stick around for a while.

Eric = wants sympathy for the fact that he had heart surgery!??!? the only sympathy i have for this dude is that he u-g-l-y and he ain't got not alibi!

Tina = where are all the videos! you ar elike the vimeo girl. the biggest spazz of the competition.

mike d = i hope you have more than just an MS paint schtick.

alex = seems like a contender. i mean dropping Derrida in a rap - it's true. not much flare though

SG Pierce = obviosly the most mysterious contestant. i can't help but be reminded of the Andrew WK/Steev Pierce controversy. I really want this to be Joel Betcholt in disguise.

read more: here

23 Benner 10:24 AM on 02/28/06

I can't stress how impressive this whole set-up is. The site design, videos, music, prizes, enthusiasm...so awesome.

Also, Its very awesome that you let two people named Tim contend for Ultimate Bloggership! This is starting to get so exciting!

24 Tim 1:31 PM on 02/28/06

No such luck, Benner. I tried to ebay my way in but got outbid by 4 bucks and really needed cigarettes at the time. Thanks for the shout out, though.

Joel Conrad Bechtolt

25 Joel Conrad Bechtolt 2:47 PM on 02/28/06

Benner — you're right about the comments but so, so wrong about the hipster stuff. I'm a housewife. I grew up in *Oklahoma*. Most days I don't even change out of my pyjamas. Very unhip, if you ask me.

Also, irony is not dead.

26 Brittanie 5:20 PM on 02/28/06

we at G-Rad are placing our taking a poll! Who goes in round 1?!
Poll 1
Poll 2nd half

27 benner 8:39 AM on 03/01/06

OK - who's gonna start the fund to buy these dudes some big ass wattage lamps? I can't see hardly nothin on these challenge videos. And I want to! I do.

28 mat 12:40 PM on 03/01/06

whoa ben... trolling for comments? also, two seperete polls is very poor polling procedures

29 james 6:54 PM on 03/01/06

trolling? hardly - why can't we be excited about this competition??

let's be POSTITIVE!

30 benner 7:34 PM on 03/01/06

If anyone out there is serious about "sponsoring" us with some lighting equipment, we would really love it! We definitely need it!

31 Jona 11:56 PM on 03/01/06