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We're Doing It Again! Ultimate Blogger 3!

September 9, 2007 | Permalink | Comments (0)

Third time is the charm, and now Ultimate Blogger 3 is underway!

Check out all the hot new blogging action! Ultimate Blogger 3


March 27, 2006 | Permalink | Comments (37)


Welcome to the last episode of The Ultimate Blogger Season 2. All 13 of our contestants really showed us a lot of dedication while putting themselves out both emotionally and physically with long nights working on entries, and sharing their personalities with the cold, cold world.

Contestants: We loved each and every one of you and we'll continue to keep our collective eye on you and wish you the best.WE LOVE ALEX

Viewers: Your contribution via dialogue with the contestants was invaluable. Thank you for creating the sparks that make the game truly interactive and completely different from any other reality show in the world of man and/or beast.

Now, after thousands of world-wide applicants, four weeks of intense backstage wheeling and/or dealing, 1,264+ comments, and thirteen die-hard contestants, we finally have a winner! The $1000 Prize Package is all theirs!

Special thanks to Brandy Jenda of Long And Wild Limo's for donating time in her amazing stretch Lincoln in SE Portland. Visit her site or give her a call at 503-762-2417 for the ONLY limo in Portland with custom hydraulics. Because literally nothing in life is more satisfying than clowin' an H2 stretch on Broadway. Thanks Brandy! You are really cool.

If you missed anything make sure you check out all of the challenge introductions, immunity announcements, and game news in the ARCHIVES. Check out all of the contestants' entries and dialog in the DEN ARCHIVES.

Thank you for making this Ultimate Blogger season a success! Apply now for UB3!

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March 23, 2006 | Permalink | Comments (28)


Just two contestants left.

I remember the first time we saw both of their applications. Tim and Morgan were passed around from person to person and everyone loved the application and videos. Alex was someone we labeled as "creative" and his style was as excellent and his attitude was awesome. They both entertained, informed, made us feel good, and shocked us. It makes us very proud to have Alex and Tim and Morgan as our final two.

The final challenge is called "Intense Interview," and it could make or break this game for our two finalists. We have learned a great deal about our contestants, especially Alex and Tim and Morgan; but they have yet to reveal the deep secrets about the game and their strategy... now we are asking pointed questions and demaninding total honesty. We must know more about The Ultimate Blogger.

What happens next is not entirely in our hands. We're bringing back all of the eliminated bloggers to help us decide which of these finalists is the more ultimate blogger. Who will the glorious former bloggers vote for? Who will Lauren choose? What about Zoe? Or Daniel? We're not just looking at this one challenge, but the entire game they have played. One of these two will win the title and the $1000 prize package.

PS- Propers to E*Rock for making the Super Challenge Brothers faxel animation and Cabel Sasser for the new 8-bit remix and original version of the Challenge Brothers theme song!

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Greatest Immunity

March 22, 2006 | Permalink | Comments (1)

Challenge06-Immunity.gifCongratulations to Alex for winning the Web 3.0 Standardized Suit of Immunity. This is the most powerful and important immunity in the game, because the holder of this immunity determines who will join him/her in the final two. No one can vote for Alex, and since you can't vote for yourself, Tim and Morgan can only vote for Zoe, and vice versa. Who will Alex choose? We'll find out Thursday morning!

Determining immunity was no easy task. Special thanks to our final guest judge, Lauren Cornell, the Executive Director of Rhizome.org, an online platform for the global new media art community. Before Rhizome, Lauren worked in the Andy Warhol Film Project at the Whitney Museum, served as Executive Director of Ocularis, a non-profit media arts organization based in Brooklyn and also worked as a youth media educator and organizer, at Global Action Project and T.R.U.C.E. Her writing on contemporary art, experimental film and new media has been published in Time Out New York, Nylon, Synoptique, and exhibition catalogues. And she has curated at venues including The Contemporary Center for Art Warsaw, The Liverpool Biennial, The Kitchen and The Institute of Contemporary Art London.

She is one of the most amazing people we have ever met in real/virtual life and has some great insight about challenge six:

Alex makes the 6th UB2 challenge look so easy. He has a wonderfully generous and international network of friends who postered his Internet-famous flier in the most ingenious of places. He also hit a broad range of lists, which seems like a good virally-minded strategy, and was generally very thoughtful about getting the word out. His question, however, was a bit too BIG. I like it, but I don't know if the Internets would. I think it might be the kind of question visitors might feel daunted by and wander away from.

Zoe knows that every American wants to talk about adolescence. And she exploited this common desire through her blog, which seems to have a dedicated fanbase, and by placing fliers in areas where the populations were recently teenage (NYU, the East Village). She also seemed to exploit every public outlet she could think of to get the word out, and even dangerously exposed herself in the office as a wannabe Ultimate Blogger. This kind of relentless self-exposure is a real blogging strong point. Her question was specific, and hits on something everyone wants to share.

Tim and Morgan put in a good days work, and amassed a variety of funny stories in the meantime. But I'm not convinced their strategy would reach people who didn't already know they were internet-famous, and their call to content seemed a bit uninspired.

Thank you so much to Lauren for her analysis! Now the e-lives of Zoe and Tim and Morgan hang in the balance, and it's up to Alex who he will square off with in the final round to go head to head for the $1000 prize package.

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What's Taking So Long?

March 22, 2006 | Permalink | Comments (7)


Thank you all for your patience. As this is the most important immunity to be awarded it is taking some extra time to determine who is the winner. Our guest judge is working to determine the best entry, and we appreciate her help and have agreed to give her extra time as this is a very large and multi-faceted challenge.

We'll be posting immunity as soon as we get the final results in!

Until then, here are the contestants' top 5 favorite submissions that they received via their page for the challenge:

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