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Naked people party

edited December 2010
Hey all you honkers. Tell your friends, tell your roommates, tell your favorite well dressed buddies...

We're hosting a "naked people party" clothing swap unisex style at our house on Saturday at 5 PM.

Come and bring any of your old clothes/shoes/etc to swap with a fellow buddy.

The address is 6310 NE 41st Ave (NE Holman/41st)


  • I forgot that it's not this Saturday, but January 8!!
  • Swapping is swooping in on us. Get your grocery bag out and put an old hoodie in it.
  • Lolo, I have to say I'm a little hesitant about a co-ed clothing swap. Can you tell us the specifics? Will there be a girls room and a boys room/floor? If not will there be a private place for changing clothes that can accommodate your more modest guests?I have a bag of clothes in my car but I need to know the set up before I can proceed...
  • There will be boys/girls separate areas for sure. Opening up rooms for changing, etc. We're going to try our best to be as organized as possible and accomodate all friends.

    Encouraging ladies and gentlemen to be on their best behavior. I think it's going to work out.

    We just had so many non female friends wanting to get in on the "look at this cool free thing I got" fever.

    Rumor has it there's a female regular 'naked lady swap' at my friend Rachel's house in SE the next day, though, if you're not feeling the co-ed vibe. I totally understand.

    I encourage leggins and tank tops. :)
  • I thought this was a "partner swapping" type of naked party. Oh well.
  • No, sorry. Just swapping clothes.

    I live in a very traditional home, Alex. No monkey business.
  • edited January 2011
    Thanks for the info, Lolo. I will take it under advisement.
  • edited January 2011
    since we're talking statues here I though I'd pop in
    my favorite
  • Just to fill you all in on "how it went"...

    THE CO-ED SWAP WAS A HUGE SUCCESS. I overheard "brilliant" at one time.

    The dudes were just as into it as the ladies. Seeing boys say to one another "This didn't fit me, it would probably fit you, though!" Trying on tons of fun outfits. Finding cool things. Lots of satisfied customers.

    We'll be doing again in a few months. NO DOUBT.

    Stay tuned.
    2011 -- naked people.
  • Man I shoulda went.
  • Someone brought Geisha gardening shoes to donate!
  • Sorry for the super short notice, but we're doing it again at the ranch house!

    Co-ed clothing swap GETTIN READY FOR WARMTH @ 7 PM tonight. All are welcome.
  • Hey UHX --

    Letting people know about an upcoming clothing swap @ my house 4421 SE Washington. It's on Friday 7/15 @ 8 PM.

    Get some new digs! Get rid of old ones!

    Boys and girls welcome. There's gonna be snacks!
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